Transformed To Tell : Journey To Freedom Through Forgiveness Book

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Unforgiveness is carrying an unnecessary weight, one that limits personal freedom and sabotages happiness. None of us are fortunate enough to escape the heartache and challenges that life brings. At some point you will endure some level of pain, for some of us it's minimal but unfortunately for a great deal of others, that level of pain is traumatic. While we can't escape all of life's hardships, we can choose to heal and recover. In this Novel, Sabrina K does just that. Told from the perspective of her younger self, Sabrina shares her traumatic experiences of molestation and her journey of healing through forgiveness. Told in retrospect, Sabrina shares stories inspired by true events in her life and gives real life insight, tips, tools and even provides red flags for children and parents to prevent and heal from sexual inappropriateness. Understanding first hand the difficulty and the freedom of forgiveness.

Sabrina shares her personal 5 step action plan to begin the journey to set one free from the pain of the past. Standing on the shoulders of her favorite life qoute, "freedom is forgiving someone who never apologized", Sabrina teaches others the importance of letting go and the personal power you gain when you accept and embrace the fact that forgiveness has nothing to do with the person that hurt you, but rather it's a personal virtue that gives you permission to move past hurt, heal and be transformed.



ISBN: 978-1-64136-128-6