Transformed To Tell : Journey To Freedom Through Forgiveness Book BUNDLE

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Transformed To Tell : Journey To Freedom Through Forgiveness Book BUNDLE

In almost every one’s life there are some small and big moments when we feel abused, victimized or mistreated by others. Such hurting incidences often result in to a deep and long grudge we develop in our hearts. We always find ourselves in a position of deciding whether to forgive such inhuman acts or not. Thoughts linger in our minds when we think of forgiving those who hurt us. But when we fail to forgive, who are we really hurting? What benefit can we get if we decide to carry on with our grudge? How far can we go without forgiving?
Sabrina, who is a mother of five, an entrepreneur, a nurse and a mentor has personally experienced a lot of painful challenges in her life. Through her book about her traumatic experiences of molestation as a child and her journey of healing through forgiveness, she uncovers more about forgiveness and how life can be wonderful, meaningful and peaceful when one forgives and moves on. Moreover, she underscores the damages and unhappiness caused by not forgiving. She explores the process of healing and moving forward from a painful life experience and how forgiveness can be the most fundamental part of the process. Her book shades more light about the life hardships and challenges one goes through in the process of finding forgiveness and how one can move from the process of feeling traumatic, stressed, and unforgiving.  She puts into perspective the need to understand the difficulty and freedom of forgiveness.  Sabrina shares her personal 5 step action plan to begin the journey to set one free from the pain of the past. Standing on the shoulders of her favorite quote, “freedom is forgiving someone who never apologized”.

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